Freight Elevator

Sigma elevator has superior characteristics such as high safety, reliability. strong structure, durably use, smooth running, wide door opening, high performance-price ratio, etc. it is the perfect cargo transport tool for factory, warehouse, shopping center and so on.

Sigma freight elevator combines with top technologies such as elevator engineering technology etc, fierce drag system, highly strengthened mechanical structure design, it can contain a lot of goods. It can still be operated under various harsh environments. It features as effective, reliable, firm, durable, accurate leveling and so on. It was widely applicable for goods transport occasions such as factory, warehouse shopping center etc.

Comfort level and leveling accuracy.

The unique curving running state of VVVF Cargo Lift can adjust the speed smoothly and greatly improve the comfort, leveing accuracy and running noise. Therefore, the Cargo can arrive at the designated floor safely and steadlily. Comfort and Steady : The greatest characteristic of WVF cargo and Bed Lift is the constant torque characteristic. No matter what the load is, it has no impact on the speed, comfort level and leveling accuracy.

Reduce the power consumption

Lighting : Energy – saving fluorescent lamp Car Floor : Riffled steel sheet Energy-saving : This cargo elevator adopts the WVF technology which can sharply reduce the power consumption and power supply capacity. This technology fully shows an advantage on the energy-saving compared to conventional AC-2 technology.